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FAMOUS is an assessment tool, which needs an MySQL and can be used for ISO 15504 (SPiCE) or CMM based assessments. The assessment models can not be made available, because they are copyrighted by ISO. Maybe the AutomotiveSPiCE model can be made publicly available. (This reference model is available free of charge, but nevertheless, copyright).


Start screen

Notes: The setup of database environment/connection is normally done only the first time you use FAMOUS. The provided information is stored and used the next time. In case you use different databases (in one session), or want to perform a synchronization of different databases (load a model from one database, select a different one, save the model) you will use this feature during one session.

Database configuration

Notes: The host name and port address is provided by MySQL (if you run it locally) or through the DB admin.

Load assessment

Edit assessment properties

Edit assessment model

Notes: At the moment (and probably also for the future) only one model can be used at a given time. If you change the model on a performed assessment, the process selection, and the data will be deleted! There is no undo for that!

Select process group and process, select assessment level

Note details for interview session (interviewees, date, time)

Assessment screen overview

Rate and coment base practices (BP) or generic process indicators (GPI)

Rate and comment process attribute

Standard report over all chosen processes

Report a selection of processes

Main features

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