QualiytMgnt ToolBox

A Toolbox for the quality people ...


This is a nice "tool", actually a quite open tool chain, but no out-of-the-box-and-click-thing. The basic idea is to transfer the SourceNavigator results into a DB and allow queries about the 'architecture'. I use for the tool chain: SourceNavigator, the dump utility (via batch file), a small Java converter/importer utility, and HeidiSQL as "query view". A number of sensible queries are already predefined. What you can do with this? Answer questions, such as: how many functions do we have? how many global variables are defined? how often are they used (read/written)? what are the changes between two versions of a software (#functions, #variables, ...)? The downloads cover an executable jar, a short textual description how to setup and use, if needed the sql-file to set-up the database, and a zip file containing the source code.


Main features

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