QualityMgnt ToolBox

A Toolbox for the quality people ...


What is in the ToolBox?


jMeldDiff is a jMeld fork: jMeld is a great Java diff tool (hosted on sourceforge), which I just slightly enhanced to display info on the size of changes. With jMeldDiff you can make diffs on folders and easily see how many SLoC have changed (also number of 'change blocks') is displayed


FAMOUS is an assessment tool, which needs an MySQL and can be used for ISO 15504 (SPiCE) or CMM based assessments. The assessment models can not be made available, because they are copyrighted by ISO. Maybe the AutomotiveSPiCE model can be made publicly available. (This reference model is available free of charge, but nevertheless, copyright).


fsVarGrep is a fsgrep fork: fsgrep is a great Java grep tool (hosted on sourceforge), which I slightly enhanced to get data on variants in C code. Maybe you cannot use this out of the box, except your switches contain always an "_". But the regular expression matching can easily be modified. Output is a list with number of switches (by file), file name, name of switches. This can easily be exported to an Excel like tool and analyzed. (Number of variants is something like 2^(number of found switches). As you can easily see, everything over 10 (different) switches is difficult to handle and test.


This is a nice "tool", actually a quite open tool chain, but no out-of-the-box-and-click-thing. The basic idea is to transfer the SourceNavigator results into a DB and allow queries about the 'architecture'. I use for the tool chain: SourceNavigator, the dump utility (via batch file), a small Java converter/importer utility, and HeidiSQL as "query view". A number of sensible queries are already predefined. What you can do with this? Answer questions, such as: how many functions do we have? how many global variables are defined? how often are they used (read/written)? what are the changes between two versions of a software (#functions, #variables, ...)? The downloads cover an executable jar, a short textual description how to setup and use, if needed the sql-file to set-up the database, and a zip file containing the source code.

What's New?

03 17 2010


  • improvement of FAMOUS reporting via OpenOffice
  • improved help files for FAMOUS
  • updated and completed web content (this page and sub pages)
09 16 2009

Start of project @ sourceforge

  • set up project
  • prepare files for upload
04 01 2004

Started with development of tools

The first tool was FAMOUS based on a diploma thesis.


Main features

  • add some stuff here (reuse from sub pages)

Known issues

All tools have a 'quite stable' status at the moment, or are at least at the appropriate development stage.

  • FAMOUS: DB structure needs some improvement, but this includes a lot of redesign; the report generator needs to be improved (one-click-report for a complete assessment)
  • jMeldDiff: code counting is very rudimentary
  • fsVarGrep: the "conditional compilation" detection is still very basic, but appropriate at the moment; no next steps planned
  • ArchAna: no next steps planned; basic functionality is available; SQL is developed on demand from context